About EqPeak

EqPeak is the protected marketing name to Finedsy Holding Ltd. Finedsy Holding Ltd is based out of Cyprus and is a member of the European Union (EU). The company is owned by Eva Agathangelou who is a highly successful businesswoman. To operate the business on a daily basis, Mr. Wolfgang Heid is appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Mr. Heid has over 30 years of financial experience in Banking, Insurance, and Real Estate.

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Client Testimonials

Wanted to show my husband that economy is much more than just money, it must be fun. EqPeak offers me a nice overview and interface and close to real experience with there finance education system

- Petra B.Stockholm

I got the 200 euro package, I like EqPeak because they invite to make learning real, but without risking my savings. Keep up the good work!

- Jhon Carlsson

Are You Ready

EqPeak is an online Finance Education System to increase financial literacy and understanding in a virtual classroom environment. It is crucial to build up a training area where the knowledge of and understanding about finance is provided without risking one’s savings.

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